Welcome to vineuropa.se. The purpose of vineuropa is to be the “traveler’s guide to vineyards in Europe”. Every year people from the northern parts of Europe are passing through continental Europe on their journey to the sand beaches of Spain, France or Italy. We think it’s a shame that that journey by many is seen as just a long transport route. Why not spend a couple of days more on that journey and take advantage of all the nice places you pass. At vineuropa we will guide you to the best places to stop for a day or two and enjoy fantastic scenery, good food and (especially) fantastic wines.

We only list a few vineyards per post. Our selection is based on a subjective combination of wine quality, experience and accessibility. We try only to list wine makers that offers free tasting  “degustation” and direct sales “vin a’ emporter” – which we believe is needed for a “true experience”… If you lack a wine maker, we encourage you to make a comment in the post for that region.

We encourage everyone to join and publish their favorite spot on vineuropa and make comments on other posts. What is a must to see, eat and drink and what to avoid…. If you have story to share, please see our contribute page. Or just ad a comment to the post.